“Choice”. Dark, intimate, nocturnal

Cocktail bar highly creative

by Ottavia Firmani



Two years after its opening, the Choice, a cocktail bar in the center of Parma, is already a fixed stop on Friday evenings for many of us. Son of the Covid era , the restaurant overlooks Borgo della Cavallerizza, a historic street a stone's throw from the Pilotta, where anyone has the opportunity to make the right choice. This is the idea from which Mattia Schiaretti, owner and bartender, took inspiration in the creation of the restaurant: to guide the tasting path of customers by customizing it in every aspect but always guaranteeing professionalism and refined raw materials.

The menus, which vary depending on the seasonality of the ingredients, offer two options to those who are about to order a cocktail. You can decide to follow the trend of the great classics and therefore opt for creations taken and revised from the IBA (International Bartenders Association) list, or the official recipe book of the most served iconic drinks in the world, or decide to rely on the skilled hands of bartenders and let yourself be enchanted by the "Home made".

But the choices do not end here; the homemade ingredients, including infusions, fermentations, extractions and cordials are used both in the preparation of "Twist", or reinterpretations in which one or more ingredients of the basic recipe are replaced or varied with others of different types , both in the "Signature", real synthesis of the creative and productive process that characterizes the work of bartenders.

A work that certainly starts from the selection of the first materials and in this the Choice is oriented towards a local and seasonal quality.

In fact, the offer is varied and diversified and boasts products from independent distillers and small companies. Among which the itinerant distillery G.C. SPIRITS by Giovanni Campari, creator of the project and distiller. Through three types of Gin (Waves, Snow and Fields) in the glass are fully recalled the flavors, smells and aromas of wild botanicals harvested by hand in the Parma area and beyond and used in production.

A dark, intimate, nocturnal place. The Choice offers the city a place of meeting and conviviality, where time passes slowly and you feel at home. With only fourteen seats, the environment is always collected and focused on the counter, its true soul, on which stories and relationships are tangled up of which the bartenders weave the rows.

The reasons to spend a Friday night at the Choice are not lacking, at this point you just have to make the right choice.


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