Long live trip !

Parmesan tripe?.. no, it's busecca!

di Sara Bricchi



Typical Lombard recipe of tripe with the most ancient popular and peasant origins, we Milanese have been great consumers in the past, so much so as to be nicknamed busecconi. Tradition has it that it is cooked on Christmas Eve and enjoyed after the mass of mezzanotte, or on special occasions, such as markets and cattle fairs

Unlike the Parmesan one, which inserts in the recipe a considerable amount of tomato, parmesan and meat broth to flavor it, the busecca adds beans and bacon to the recipe to give more consistency to the dish, butter to flavor it and is certainly more spicy than the Emilian one, thanks to the ultizzo of cloves, juniper and sage.

In short, they are two typical dishes, already in vogue in the Middle Ages, considered rich in proteins and therefore very energetic and, above all, within everyone's reach, then enriched over time by additional ingredients.

Tripe is still one of the most popular dishes in Milan.

Today you can find it in the typical restaurants of Milan and Brianza, here is the recipe:

• washed and pre-cooked tripe, 700g

• pre-cooked white beans, 200g

• pancetta, 100g

• donkey, 30g

• tomato puree, 4 tablespoons

• cloves, 3

• carrots, 1

• sedano, 1 coast

• juniper, 3 berries

• sage, 4 leaves

• onions, 1

• pepe nero, QB

• acqua, QB

• grana padano, QB

The average preparation is around 20 minutes with an average level of difficulty, for cooking instead it takes 85 minutes.

And have you ever tried to cook busecca? Here is the recipe in full: https://ricette.giallozafferano.it/Trippa-alla-milanese-busecca.html

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